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HB Tubings MSDS
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HB Tubings MSDS

HAMBURG Halogen-Free Tube is flame-retardant, environmentally friendly heat-shrinkable tube, whose components are polyolefin, certain flame-retardants and promoters. The concentrations of Pb、Cd、Hg、Cr6+、PBB and PBDE are meet the requirement of RoHS Directive.

The raw materials are listed as follows:

Raw Material Name Use Contents Supplier CAS No.
Component Structural Formula
PE (CH2CH2)n Resin 50% Beijing Youji 24937-78-7
ATH Al(OH)3 Flame-retardant 35% Zhong Lv 21645-51-2
APP (NH4PO3)n Flame-retardant 10% Shanghai haiyi 269-789-9
Auti-oxide C73H108O12 Auti-oxide 1% Qiba ---
Pigment Pigments powder+ filler Pigments 4% Yiyu ---
RP-2A --- Print --- New Oriental ---