Heat Shrinkable Tubings
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Other Tubings

Other Tubings

Silicone Glass Fiber Casing

Silicone Glass Fiber Sleeve is woven with by alkli glass fiber,coated with silicon resin and treated at high temperature ,it has good dielectric,self-exting uishing performance and flexibility and is widely in insulation protection for H&N level motor,household appliance,Electric heating equipment ,special light,television and internal wirecluster of electronic equipment.

Teflon Heat-Shrinkable Tubing

PTFE heat-shrinkable tubing is made with the high-quality polytetrafluoroethene resin(PTFE,Teflon or Plastic King)by special method. This product has the following advantages : resistance to high temperature, high voltage, corrosion, wear, and with good self-lubrication. It is widely used in the field of machinery, electronics, electric equipment, car, aerospace, chemical engineering, communication and more.

1.Resistant to high or low temperature, continual operation temperature.
2.Resistant to corrosion (resistant to strong acids, strong alkalis, chemical reagents and oil)
3.Shrinkage temperature, shrinkage rate.
Standard color : transparency.

Heat Shrinkable Tubing with Adhesivel

Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing with environmental sealing capability for a wide variety of electrical applications, including automotive and marine wire harness, wire splices, breakouts, and connector to cable transitions.