QC System


● QC Division

Executes various quality inspections and assists all units to draw up corrective and preventive measures according to quality nonconformity or customer complaints; handles testers and gauges calibration and management; and coordinates and settles customer complaints and returns.
IQC Team:Inspects materials and products supplied by suppliers.
IPQC Team: Inspects product manufacturing quality, and proposes corrective measures for abnormalities, following up improvement results.
‧OQC Team:Inspects if the products for shipment, ensuring complice with the customer requirements.
‧QA & LAB. Team:Plans and organizes the quality control laboratory, takes charge of quality verification management.

● Data Analysis

Statistical Technique Objectives:
To analyze and simulate responsive actions for verifying, analyzing process capabilities,product features and related quality data to grasp the problems and thereby to stabilize the process and reduce the defect rate and enhance product quality.
Scope:Material input, process control to finished product delivery.
‧Responsibilities:QC Section
‧Operation Contents:
1. To specify the timing of sampling plan
2. To collect quality information
3. To specify the timing of the application of statistical techniques.
4. To specify the use of data analysis and related statistical reports.

● Improvement

Corrective and Preventive Measures
Objectives: to ensure that effective measures are adopted to remove quality abnormalities and potential
problems,thereby preventing the recurrence of problems.
Scope: corrective and preventive measures for all HANPAO products from material input, production,processing,
shipment,customer complaints.
Requirements of preventive measures
To confirm the requirements of preventive measures
To assess if the preventive measures are effective.
To confirm the needs of preventive measures.
To review the results of preventive measures
To keep related preventive records.
Proposition of quality abnormality: any unit
Data collection and cause analysis and survey: QC Section
Planning and execution of corrective (preventive) measures: responsible units
Confirmation and follow-up of execution: QC Section

● Equipments

EDX-720 Energy dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometer (EDXRF)
‧TEMP & Humidity Chamber
‧Hi-TEMP Tester
‧Drop Tester
‧Life Tester
‧Salt-Mist Tester
‧3D Measuring Microscope
‧Profile Measuring
‧Analog Push-Pull Gauge
‧Digital Counting Scale
‧Digital Push-Pull Gauge
‧Withstanding Voltage Instrument
‧Height Gauge
‧Insulation Resistance Instrument
‧Dual Display Meter
‧Micro-Resistance Meter
‧Electronic Precision Long-time thermo-Hygrograph
‧Digital Display Meter
‧Digital Caliper
‧Smart Card Acceptor Life tester
‧Flexible Flat Cable Life tester
‧other equipments Etc...

Hazardous Substance Process Management Flow Chart (pdf 55k)