Card Reader
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+iD Card Reader

+iD Card Reader
+iD Card Reader
  • Very lightweight: 5g
  • 57mm(L)x7.7mm(H)x12.56mm(W)
  • Compatible with any full size smart card (ID1)
  • Unique design & form
  • ID card firmly attached by unique four point support solution.
+iD Card Reader
  • Black or White matte finish
  • Strong and durable PC composition
  • Customized printed logo option
  • LED status indicator
+iD Card Reader
  • Plug & Play (USB CCID) - works out of the box.
  • MacOs®, Windows® and Linux® support.
  • It has no capabilities in and of its own.
+iD Card Reader
  • USB CCID - compatible with MacOs, Windows, Linux
  • Smart Card Reading Speed 3.75Mbps
+iD Card Reader
  • +iD Smart Card Reader Multi Pack (10 pcs)